Let's stay pretty and beautiful.
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Evening readers! Today I would like to share the useful tips on how to stay beautiful. You know as a woman, we had being created beautifully in this universe. Well, be confident. Don't hide yourself. Keep walking with pride. And.. Don't forget. Follow my lovely tips. Stay pretty!

Steps Pamper Your Hand

Keep your hands soft by stashing a small tub of hand cream in your desk. The best way to tidy up your nails after putting nail polish on them is by using a cotton bud dipped in remover. Use Vaseline to soften cuticles soothe chapped skin and keep your lips from drying out.

Be Absolutely Silent

If your feet are feeling rough, smother them in rich moisturiser and go to bed with some thick socks. Stay Beautiful
Use two mirrors to check the back of your hairdo before you go out. Put wispy bits back into place before leaving home, your car, and work. 

Care Your Nails at Home

Stop yourself biting your nails by keeping a nail file in your pencil case so every time you get the urge, just whip out the nail file and give them a buff. 

Scrunch Hard to Curl Hair

Perk your hair by hanging your hair upside down when your drying your hair from the shower.

Be a Proper Young Lady Step

Use scent. The nicest smelling perfumes are those containing rose, lavender or jasmine essential oils. 

Exfoliate Skin

If your skin feels a bit bumpy or flaky, make your own exfoliating scrub out of sea salt and olive oil massage it all over. Then rinse thoroughly to remove.

Choose the Right Hair Loss Option

Keep your hair silky at night by tying it in a plat and sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase

Be Comfortable and Confident With Yourself

Look in the mirror every morning and say "I'm beautiful".

Maintain Oily Skin

Banish oily hair by investing in some dry shampoo.

Get Healthy Hair

Try not to have baths or showers too hot. If your bath or shower is scalding, its' bad for your skin. 

Make a Hand Mask

Apply body butter while you're still damp form the shower; it will soak in better and you'll get more out of the tub.

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